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hugelarge album vinyl 2015 blue rose music
hugelarge album clear vinyl 2015 blue rose music

HUGElarge - HUGElarge Vinyl

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HUGELarge plays garage covers of The Stooges, T. Rex, Roky Erickson, The Kinks, The Standells and more.

"An album of straight-up, unpretentious pop n roll that boasts the easy honesty of Jonathan Richmond mixed with the verve and twang of any Nuggets-style comp you'd care to mention." - Stereo Embers Magazine

Tracklist: 1. Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home) 2. D.O.G. 3. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 4. Codine 5. Born to Lose 6. Have Love Will Travel 7. A Little Bit of Soap 8. Who'll Be the Next in Line 9. Motivator 10. Too Late to Kiss You Now 11. New York 12. The Slider 13. If You Have Ghosts 14. No Fun 15. Poison Ivy 16. 96 Tears

A portion of all revenue is donated to the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children.