Elliot Peck further from the storm vinyl album 2018 blue rose music

Elliott Peck - Further From The Storm Vinyl

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Recorded in Oakland with producer Karl Derfler (Tom Waits, Dave Matthews), ‘Further From The Storm’ is Peck’s first release under her own name and her debut album for the burgeoning Blue Rose Music artist collective. Weaving together the disparate threads of American roots into a captivating whole, the record serves as a brilliant showcase not only for Peck’s vocal prowess, but also for her meticulous craftsmanship.

She writes with a breezy vulnerability, a plainspoken and unflinching honesty that belies her songs’ subtle sophistication as she draws on classic country, blues, R&B, and jazz to create an utterly timeless collection. It’s the kind of music that demands repeated listening, revealing new rewards with each and every drop of the needle.

1. River's Path (3:20) 2. Silver & Gold (3:19) 3. One of Those Days (4:07) 4. Highway Song (4:00) 5. Out Sailing (3:28) 6. Good For You I Guess (2:44) 7. Leave Me By the Sea (4:21) 8. Hard Lines (3:34) 9. I Lost It (by Lucinda Williams) (3:28) 10. Another Life Ago (3:57) 11. Give it Away (by The Trishas) (2:52)