Steve Forbert album The Magic Tree 2018 Vinyl LP CD Blue Rose Music Bandana bundle merch
Steve Forbert album The Magic Tree 2018 Vinyl LP CD Blue Rose Music
Steve Forbert album The Magic Tree 2018 CD Blue Rose Music
Blue Rose Music cream bandana merch made in america steve forbert

Steve Forbert - The Magic Tree Bundle

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This bundle includes:
1 - The Magic Tree Vinyl
1 - The Magic Tree CD
1 - Blue Rose Music Bandana (100% Organic, USA Made)

Produced by Karl Derfler (Tom Waits, No Doubt, Two Gallants), The Magic Tree offers a series of songs gleaned from previously recorded acoustic demos, augmented with new backing tracks. The collection rings with the verve and vitality that Forbert’s fans have always come to expect.

Consistently upbeat and optimistic, the album’s songs recorded in Meridian, Nashville, New York, and New Jersey and Virginia convey a firm sense that age ought not diminish a lust for living. Big City Cat and The Magic Tree underscore what revered critic the late Paul Nelson wrote about Forbert in Rolling Stone almost 40 years ago: “..Nothing, nothing in this world, is going to stop Steve Forbert, and on that I’ll bet anything you’d care to wager.”

A portion of all revenue is donated to the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children.

Track Listing: 1. The Magic Tree (Version 1) (3:51) 2. That'd Be Alright (3:12) 3. Carolina Blue Sky Blues (3:02) 4. Let's Get High (3:13) 5. Tryna Let It Go (4:55) 6. Lookin' At The River In The Rain (3:12) 7. Diamond Sky (2:51) 8. Movin' Through America (3:40) 9. I Ain't Got Time (3:35) 10. The Magic Tree (Version 2) (3:19) 11. Only You (And Nobody Else) (3:58) 12. The Music Of The Night (2:59)